The Help

Seester, Brother, and I saw The Help last night. While the movie was over two hour long, the storyline made it seem like the movie went by fast. The acting was by far superb. All of the actors were amazing in their roles. I can see this film getting Oscar nominations.

The Help is based off the book of the same title by Kathryn Stockett  is set in 1963 Jackson, Mississippi during the height of the civil right movement. The main character, Skeeter, returns to Jackson after graduating from Old Miss. She wants to be an author, but she is told by an editor she needs experience. She takes up a job writing the domestic section for a local newspaper in Jackson. While attending a game of bridge at her friend’s home, she notices how they treated the help. She gets an idea to write a book that would let the rest of the United State see how the help was really treated by having the help tell their stories. Back in the 1960s, Jim Crow laws prohibited African Americans from being interviewed in any new publications, let alone books. Ignoring the law, Skeeter recruites two maids to tell their stories for the book: Aibileen and Minnie. The movie flashback about the three woman’s experiences as maids or with their maids.

The Help shows how African Americans maid were treated by the family they helped. Some of the families were kind and others were downright mean. This movie has funny parts as well as tear jerking parts. Jim Crow era is accurately portrayed as the maids struggle to work in harsh environments so they can support their families. This is the first dramatic role I have seen Emma Stone in. While she excellent in comedy, I can see her doing more dramatic roles in the future. The expressions on some of the actors faces shows the pain and anguish that many felt during the Civil Rights movement. Overall, this movie is a must see. So go see it! I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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