100 Things About Me (Une Part)

Remember on Facebook a while back when everyone was doing 25 Things About Me posts? I did that once. I know I have an about me page, but let’s go deeper than the basics about myself. I have decided to do 100 Things About Me. Now I know that a list of 100 things about is way me long for a post, so I decided to break this up into ten parts (isn’t that nice of me?).  So here goes with une part .

  1. My name is Cassandra. Everyone I knows calls me Cassie. In the past few years, with the exceptions of my professors, I haven’t been called Cassandra.
  2. My favorite food is icepops. I can eat icepops all day.
  3. Growing up, the number one question I was always asked was : “how do you pronounce your name?” I don’t care how you say my name, it goes both ways: CA-SAN-DRAH or KAH-SON-DRAH.
  4. I’m from New Jersey. Lived there until I was 13. I don’t get why some people hate on Jersey! Speaking of New Jersey, I never heard of anyone pumping their own gas until I moved to Texas and went to a gas station. My dad actually got out his car and pumped his own gas instead of having someone pumping his gas for him. (It’s illegal to pump your own gas in New Jersey, fyi)
  5. I hate when people use the erasers on pencils. I don’t know why, it just bugs me. Whenever someone used to ask me to borrow a pencil, I always used to give them an eraser along with my pencil. They would look at me funny because the pencil had a brand new eraser.
  6. A week before I started my senior year in high school, I had major jaw surgery. They took out 2 pieces of my jaw. Therefore I have 6 screws in my jaw(which sometime sets off metal detectors). I had my mouth wired shut for a week and took 3 months to retrain the muscles in jaw/mouth to get back to normal. By January I was finally able to open my mouth wide enough to put 4 fingers in.
  7. I really want to be a wedding planner and help to make someone’s wedding day the most fantastic day of their lives. And just be able to see their smiles at the end of the night will make me happy. I want to have a side business doing event planning, specializing in weddings.
  8. I once did the online test to be on Jeopardy. I will be on Jeopardy one day.
  9. I sleep with a fan on every night, no matter how cold it is. I have the coldest room in my house during the winters since my room sits on top of the garage. Even when the rest of the house is warm and toasty, my room is still cold. Yet, I still have the fan on.
  10. I love to watch comedy movies more than anything else.

There you have it. Don’t I seem interesting so far?

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2 responses

  1. You and your wedding planning ideas….you should check out Pinterest…it is a great site for collecting ideas (I am planning my wedding right now) and it so addictive. You will love it!

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