The One That Got Away With Murder

I mean literally got away with murder.

2:15 eastern time the judge walked into the courtroom. All in the courtroom had stood as he announce the jury had reach the verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial. He then turned to her and her defense team as the seven charges were read:

  • First-degree murder: Not Guilty
  • Aggravated child abuse: Not Guilty
  • Aggravated manslaughter of a child: Not Guilty
  • Four counts of providing false information to a law enforcement officer: Guilty

As the verdict was read, there was stunned silence throughout the courtroom. Stunned silence through out the living rooms and work places of those watching from around the country. After sentencing was scheduled, Casey’s defense team were hugging each other while Casey was smiling. For the first time during the trial, an emotionless Casey actually showed some emotion. She was smiling and crying, she knew her life was speared from sitting another few years in jail.

Now what I don’t get is how the jury could find Casey Anthony not guilty of killing her child. Yes I know there was not DNA evidence or witnesses and all the evidence was circumstantial. But still, she waited for 30 days until she her mother reported her daughter missing.  If you know your child is missing, you would report the child missing immediately. And yet, during that 3o days, she was pictured out partying and drinking with her friends. What a way to be worried about her missing child! How about the Google searches on her computer on how to break someone’s neck and chloroform? That’s guilty in my eyes. Let’s not forget about reports of a false baby sitter.  That alone is evidence to prove that she killed her child. Even her own family was going to testify against her. Her own family.

I do not get how the jury can let this woman go free. It just goes to show that the justice system in this country is fucked up. She killed her child and walks away free.  America’s justice system is twisted and backwards, punishing the good and constantly rewarding the bad. How fair is that? In the end, Casey is going have to live with the fact that she killed her daughter. People will always know who she is. Her life will forever be changed. She will always be known as the woman who killed her child, but got off with not even a slap on her hand. Know what, there will people who will make her life a living hell. She will never get a job, maybe never get married and have more children. Her life will be sad. She might has well wish she was in prison.

God only knows what really happens. Caylee may not get justice served right now. When the time comes, God will give Casey the punishment that she deserves.And I’m fine with that. They say karma is a bitch and will always come back around to you. Yes, Casey is going to get what is coming around to her. Then justice will be served.



2 responses

  1. yeah i have nooooo idea what’s up with this case anymore. needless to say, the verdict COMPLETELY blew me out the water. i was SHELL-SHOCKED.

    so much for justice in this day and age. i guess along with “forever”, “justice” has also become extinct.

    sad fact, indeed.

    • All evidence points to that she did it, although there is no actual DNA evidence or witnesses.

      I think that someone will take it upon themselves to get justice for Caylee.

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