Remembering the King of Pop

Remember where you were where 9/11 happened, or when Barack Obama was name the first black president? Remember those certain moments in life where you’ll never forget where you were? I was not born when John F. Kennedy was shot and Walter Cronkite announces his death to the world, or when Theodore Roosevelt told the world the US was entering into World War II (but  your grandparents do). I certainly was not around  when the king of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley died, but I do remember when the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, died. I remember that day rather well. My mother had said that Michael Jackson was in the hospital and died (this was when the news first said he was in the hospital). I didn’t believed he died at all. I watched the news as I got ready for work. Two hours into my shift, I remember the customers just talking about how Michael Jackson had just died, after it had been confirmed. I was in shock- yes I know thousands of people die everyday- but it was like he was like a member of the family, the one who has been there since we were kids. The world watched him grow up. We seen him go from black to white. I grew on his music. Hell, I even seen the Jackson 5 movie about 3289108480 times (no lie). It was a shock, especially since Farrah Fawcett had died only hours earlier. For days afterwards, radio stations would play his music nonstop. MTV, VH1, and BET dedicated days to just playing his videos and movies. And news stations played nonstop coverage about him (after a while it got to the point to where they should have been covering more important stuff). And of course, he had that star studded memorial service.

No matter how his life was-his skin changes, plastic surgeries, odd behaviors, and court battles- there is one thing that cannot be denied: he made great music. He was one, if not, the best selling artist of his time. He made music that is still being played today. He has influenced countless artists to go out and make music. He has raised money for numerous charities through the use of his music. Michael Jackson was a great man and entertainer who helped to contribute great music to the world. He has joined the ranks of other great artist who were gone before their times, but continue to live on through generations.

I leave you with one of Michael Jackson’s most memorable song:

Shiny and sparkly, and splendidly bright. Here one day, gone one night. Like the loss of sunlight on a cloudy afternoon, gone too soon

August 22, 1958-June 25, 2009


3 responses

  1. Beautifully written! I remember the day very clearly….waking up, opening my facebook homepage….that was the first status I read…I coulsn’t believe it! I thought it was some sort of a cruel joke.

    I wish it was 😦

    • His death was so sad. I felt as if good music was slowly fading away. At least he left a legacy so that future generations could benefit from.

  2. i can understand if Jackson was innocent how he must of felt, only the other day thriller was played into my garden from a house behind, i dearly wanted to rip through that fence.
    in a local spar shop years ago, a tiny kid, literally a tiny kid called me jackson, that was not her fault, she was literally a tiny kid.
    i have 2 mothers, one blood and one of a jinky, their enfluences were all over us as kids, people need constant chances was the mantra.
    an innocent jackson still asks why, why, why and prays to god that if even one more Jackson is out there please try to discover the tiniest charge behind a barrage of lie.
    i am basically an outsider, civilians like myself if i can be blunt simply laugh in their heads when they see happy beautiful expressions when every dog on the street knows whats what.
    i pray that every town oneday has a shake.
    i believe in a higher force who has no religion yet cool with all good faith.
    i was brought up this way but i somehow feel conflict in my emotions.
    i am very angry but at the same time an actual jesus showed the way, you must force yourself to love your assasins, only than can a possible next assasin see a better way.
    its beat into you as a kid that a rat is somehow worse than the devil.
    this may have to be looked into very gently by me but is it possible a brother alabama was spiked only a month or 2 ago.
    around the same time a cream cracker in one of those japanese super cars those lads from limerick with centra bags sing about told me in a tesco car park a few miles away that he was going to rip my fucking head off.
    i once worked in a bad ass, a female manager bully type who christened me jinky blue eyes but always knew she hated me as it seamed she hated every man. she had a partner of the same sex from mulingar who funny enough had a strong link to a very young ex girlfriend of mine from the cow who schooled with her in mullingar. this partener also has very direct family in the village where my parents live.
    again being bullied was never my strong suit especially when even weaker lads than me were getting savaged for simply being soft guys, softer lad than me was a revo from canada.
    is it possible that we are all linked here today because of a girl from the rebel who has links maybe to a brew house, i wasn’t being bullied and she had power to abuse.
    simple, she repeatadly called my mates and me names, some of us knew it. what else would you do but call names back.
    don’t tell me we are finally here because of sticks and stones.
    by the way my blood father has also been threatened in this village, he is no fool but will protect my mothers emotions above anyone elses.
    a finglas don who is gone had an associate with dark skin, the associate once battered my mate who was recently home for his kids 1st birthday, my mate was battered for no reason, his troops heard me a while after the battering verbally abusing dark skin, to be rude you must press the right buttons. now i know there maybe links in this organisation to a cow but the cow is always sacred to me to the extreme.
    i got confused a few saterdays ago, i thought someone who was there had previously been seen in the same pub maybe a year or 2 before with a lad with dark skin looking and talking about me, maybe dark skin was being warned off.
    in a rat, i also have family to protect ahead of me.
    i pray no stains on my hands.
    i have a 2nd dad of jinky, if there was ever a man who would love to go to the states it would be him, he has a fear of flying though, probably 1000’s like him. the jinky dad is massively blessed with gold a bit like shake.

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