Decisions, Decisions, Decisions….

When I first started this blog, my immediate goal  for this was a place to talk about all the happenings going on in the world of marketing and advertising. Obviously big fail! Then my first post connected with a lot of people, since most of us have graduated from either high school or college and experience a new stage in our lives. After that post , I still intended on maintaining a blog about marketing and advertising. After looking around at many blogs, I decided to blog about my life. A look into my life from transitioning into adulthood in the real world. And I know I have not been doing a good job. Since May 5, I have only had six posts. So please forgive me for my lack of updates, nothing exciting has happen. Well from now on I have decided to blog more. More about love, cooking, homes, fashion, and the whole nine yard. A blog complete with pictures, because everyone loves pictures (this gives me an excuse to get better at my photography). And eventually I plan on moving to my own domain. Hooray.

So let us reintroduce ourselves, I’m back and ready to take on the world, again.


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