Every 15 Mintues

Someone dies from a drunk driving accident every 15 minutes.

The Every 15 Minutes is a program geared toward high school junior and seniors that offers teen a reality of what drunk driving/texting can cause by providing real-life experiences without the real-life risks.  Every 15 minutes throughout the school day, a student is pulled from their classroom by the grim reaper. After  the student leaves the classroom, an officer comes and reads their obituary. This program also involves a staged accident in which students from a high school are involved. Other students watch as their classmates are pulled from the wreckage- some dead and others carried to the hospital with life threatening injuries. The drunk driver is actually taken from the scene in a real police car, process and booked. Then they go through a trial with a real judge, lawyer,  and DA. The good thing about this programs is that everyone is involved: police, hospitals, funeral homes, judges, lawyers, and the high school itself. They all come together to show the students how drunk driving can affect their lives and their family and friends life. This is an excellent program that can show students how dumb it is to drink and drive.

It is just dumb how a person can be stupid enough to drink and then get behind a wheel and drive. They are not only putting their life at risk, but also putting others on the road life in danger. I have seen to many news segment on how a someone was killed in a drunk driving accident. They leave behind parents, wives/husbands, children, and brothers/ sisters. All too sadly, the person who cause the accident is the one who always lives with very few injuries.

I hope that more high schools can implement the Every 15 Minutes Program. This will definitely impact the decisions that students will make before they behind the wheel. Hopefully this will help to decrease the number of drunk driving accidents each day.



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