Happy Birthday Mr. Cooper

On this summer day in 1967, Gloria Vanderbilt gave birth to a son, Anderson Cooper. On this day, he celebrates his 44th birthday (even though he looks very much younger than he really is).

In honor of his birthday, I have a little confession:

One night in May of 2006, I was flipping through the TV trying to find something to watch. I came across a show of a guy walking in a tunnel. . I was intrigued. I finished watching that TV show.  And thus began a four year love affair with this man- though I have never met him. Who is this man you may ask?

Well my lovelies, I introduce my man:
ANDERSON HAYS COOPER– CNN Newsanchor, Journalist, former reality show host (The Mole) and son of Gloria Vanderbilt. (So ladies, and some men- HANDS OFF!!!!!!! He’s mine, although we have yet to cross paths. But soon enough we will. Soon, my sweeties)

Why has this beautiful, gray-haired, blued eye man the object of my affection? Because he’s what I want in a man.

Upon watching him on his show, talking about illegal immigration and the tunnels people us to come to America, I immediately turned to Wikipedia and the internet to more insight into to him. Though he’s only 44, he went gray in his early twenties. The silver fox he definitely is. During that summer, when everyone was asleep, I would quietly watch reruns of Anderson Cooper 360 and marvel at him. Hot stuff. For reals, look at his guns. Trust me, he has guns under his suits.

In all seriousness, besides his good looks- Anderson is a really great man. He is stylish. He looks good in suits or just a t-shirt and jeans. Plus he is a really great journalist. He is really passionate about his reporting. Like when major new stations send their field reporters out to dangerous war zones, he prefers to go out there himself and report the news from there. Is that hot or what. Plus, he is a smart man. Yale graduate. And graduated high school at 17. Smartness- YES!! One thing I really admire about – tragedies that he encountered when he was younger has made him a stronger man (his father and brother’s deaths).

Overall, Anderson is a well rounded man.

In conclusion, I leave you with this, to show you what a great journalist he is:

So, Mr. Cooper- if your reading this, HEY! and Happy Birthday! I would love to meet you one, day. Please? 🙂


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