If Jane Can Do It, I Can Too

Before I delete my Myspace, I was looking back through all my picture and random blog post (Yes, I know no one uses myspace anymore, but I  look on there to remember some good times) and I came across this blog I wrote after seeing 27 Dresses at the movies. This was written February 0f 2008. Haha, old.

So I just saw 27 Dresses. It was really a cute movie. Really good. But this movie really me think about something. So this is not clear, kind of confusing, but I’ll fix it when I figure what the hell I trying to say. OKAY!

It was the end part of the movie when Corinne Bailey Rae’s song “Like A Star” started playing. Here’s a girl, Jane,  who spends her time always being a bridesmaid and never a bride instead of find herself a man who she can makes her happy. Jane’s little sister comes and steal away the man she is in love with and gets engaged to him. Jane says nothing or does nothing. Here comes a guy, Kevin, who come and make her see herself as a pushover. Well the movie goes on………….

But what I’m trying to say and I know this is very cliche, is even has hard as it is, if you want somebody, go after them. Do not wait for them to make a move. Go head and make first move. Even if you get turned down- – at least you tried? Right? You don’t wanna see them happy with someone else, when the whole time you wanted them to be yours. You don’t wanna be saying what if, what the hell didn’t I do anything. Trust me, it’s not cool. So go out to bag the guy or gal you want before they get snatched up. It’s worth the risk to take. Who know, they may be the one.

If only I can take my own advice. But I have too. I’m tired of this game, it’s time to step my game up.  Wish me luck.

//Edit// 3.2.08

So last week umm… yah I know what happened and with who. It was good. Hehe. picture do justice guys. But last week got me thinking, back burner or push ahead? Something is telling me to push ahead. But not all signs are clear yet. I don’t wanna do something that is going to make everything awkward and uncomfortable especially when he’s in my class in a really good friend. Why can’t this shit be easy. Damn.

Needless to say, this never went anywhere. :( He went to a different school. And lives a few hours away. But he did come back this semester, but he is gay. At least I got to hang out with him. Oh wells.

Putting yourself out there sucks, doesn’t it. You risk the chance of rejection.  But you have too in order to find love in the end. That is what I have done most of my life. I have known two guys who I was interested in and they were interested in me, but I did nothing about it. Sometimes I kick myself for not going after them, because something great could have come out of relationships with them. I know some one better is coming my way.  Hey who knows, this summer I’ll be in Austin. And Austin was recently named one of the top ten cities for single woman.

So here’s to the future and finding true love. Here, here.


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