Who Would Have Thought Freshly Pressed on the First Post?

I would just like to say thank you to everyone. It reassured me that what I’m feeling and going through is normal. I tried to thank everyone back one by one, it  was taking too long. I promise I will thank each of you individually.

I would have never thought I would get freshly pressed, and on my first post too. I did not think anyone would have read this yet. Guess I was wrong. I just hope I can continue to keep readers coming back and interested.

Please forgive me if I do not blog for the next few days. All my family will be beginning to come into town within the next few days for my graduation in 6 days! 🙂 Then of course is work and searching for a job.

Again, I just wanted to thank everyone who read my first post. You are all wonderful.


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  1. That’s awesome that your first post was Freshly Pressed! A nice way to start things off, to say the least. I was Freshly Pressed the first day I posted something to my new blog, too. It was a very encouraging start to my new blogging adventures and it was pretty awesome having the “visits” in my sidebar read several thousand before I’d even told any of my friends that my little blog existed. I hope the rest of your blogging journey (and your transition into the working world) goes just as well.

    I started working right out of high school but decided a year ago (at 23) that retail really wasn’t for me, so I went back to school. Recently did the opposite transition as you–from working fulltime to fulltime student. I hope your reverse order of operations goes as well as mine has. 🙂

    Best of luck to you!


    • It was so good to get freshly pressed. I honestly thought no one would read this blog. But I was wrong.
      Thank you and the best of luck to you and your future endeavors.

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